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Along with all of the love that I have for you comes the overwhelming fear of ever losing you. 

Beautiful GIrls

What do you do when you’re scrolling down your timeline and none of the ‘beautiful girls’ you see look like you do. You see a new epitome of gorgeous girls and because you don’t appear as they do you feel as though you are not pretty. Truth is being a woman is beautiful as it is. Whether you have long or short hair, light or dark skin, or any other extreme, you are beautiful. You have to see past your flaws and learn to fully accept yourself. I remember this boy I was talking to had an ex girl who really set the tone for beauty, this girl was so gorgeous. I really let that get to me all the time because I felt as though I was not up to par. Doing so I let my own insecurities ruin a great relationship. I could never see what he saw in me because I did not see anything in myself. I felt like I wasn’t as pretty as the other girls because of many different reasons. 

I’ve learned over time that the worst thing you can do is compare your appearance to someone else. There will always be someone better looking than you and you can not help that, but you can make the best out of your situation by having self confidence. Picking your head up when you walk and just smiling at the world. You are flawed, but you are beautiful and perfect the way you are. However contradictory that may seem, it is the truth. 

Everyone faces their own insecurities  but as a whole we have to accept what we consider as flaws, and learn to look at them as what makes us special. If we all looked the same how boring would that be? Nothing to make you look different or original. So with that being said I like to believe we were created the way we are for a reason and by changing it you are only making yourself average.

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just how im feeling right now #itsafeministthing

Why can’t women just be seen as powerful as we really are? Men try to degrade us calling us negative things such as a bitch when really we are stepping up for ourselves and doing our jobs. I feel as though women are very underrated in our capabilities to succeed. We only demand respect that we deserve, and not respect that we expect to just be granted upon us due to our gender. 

In the past we have remained very submissive to men , and while we have progressed as a whole becoming more and more independent, I still see lack of progression in many areas, such as relationships. For example,  why is it that many women see relationships as a must have? Settling for way less and putting up with way more than they deserve. When in reality with all the love, loyalty, and patience we give we deserve the world. Why is it that its more common and acceptable for men to cheat? All of the sudden “men don’t have as much self control ” as we do. You would think that men who are supposedly superior to us wouldn’t be so weak to things of the such. 

Women are strong, beautiful, and smart individuals and if we do not act as such then we are simply lowering our value and not taking advantage of how great it is to be a woman

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